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Non-NHS services

Please click on the following link to view details of our fee structure for Non-NHS work.

Non-NHS Work Fee List

Please fill in the consent form below if you require this type of work.

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Non-NHS Work Consent form

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Private Physiotherapy Practice at Stoke Gifford

A Private Physiotherapy Practice is conducted at the Stoke Gifford Surgery on between 1600-1830 on a Tuesday – Friday..

This supports patients suffering from conditions such as arthritis, joint pain, ligament sprain, sports and nerve injuries, sciatica, Stroke, Parkinson’s disease etc. Services include musculoskeletal assessment and treatment, neuro-physiotherapy / Rehabilitation as well as acupuncture.

For more information contact Dr Praveen Kumar PhD, MSc (Chartered Physiotherapist) directly on 07961 363903 or by email to [email protected].