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Appointments advice

Contact us online using Anima

We are now using a system called Anima. Anima allows you to give a full and detailed history so that we can make sure we respond appropriately. You can also use Anima to request nurse appointments or to direct a query to one of our teams.

For new medical conditions, Anima asks you a range of questions to help us assess your needs. Please give as full and accurate a history as possible. If information is missing, we may need to ask you to resubmit the enquiry.

ALL requests for GP appointments will be added via Anima. You can also use Anima to ask questions to specific teams and request nurse appts.

Please log these requests yourselves via our website wherever possible and note, we cannot create requests at reception. If you absolutely cannot get on-line, please phone us so a request can be logged but note that this will likely mean that your request takes longer to add.

Anima is available to make new requests between 7.00am and 4.30pm and we respond during working hours Monday to Friday

If you prefer to phone, one of our receptionists will take details about your problem or request and then pass these to the GP. However you choose to get in touch, your GP will get contact you quickly and either sort out your problem on the phone, by secure message, or arrange to see you the same day, or another day if that’s more convenient.

Please note you can no longer book a GP appointment using our previous online appointment system.



Date published: 8th October, 2014
Date last updated: 11th July, 2024