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Cervical Screening Programme

NHS cervical screening helps prevent cervical cancer. It saves thousands of lives from cervical cancer each year in the UK. In England cervical screening currently prevents 70% of cervical cancer deaths. If everyone attended screening regularly, 83% could be prevented.

Cervical screening is for women and people with a cervix. We offer screening every 3 years from age 25 to 49 and every 5 years from age 50 to 64. This is because most cervical cancers develop between these ages. First invitations arrive a few months before people turn 25. You can book your appointment as soon as you get your invitation. We invite some people more often due to a previous screening result. You should consider having screening regardless of your sexual orientation, sexual history, or whether you have had the HPV vaccination.

If you are a transgender (trans) man registered with your GP as female, we will send you invitations for cervical screening. If you are registered as male you will not receive invitations, but our GP or practice nurse can arrange an appointment for you if you have a cervix. If you are a trans woman you do not need cervical screening.

Appointments are available with a female nurse at both sites and at a range of times. If you have any questions or concerns, please use askmyGP (on the homepage) to request a call with a nurse. The following web pages have more information: